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The areas where virus transmission and circulation are the most are, of course, the closed areas and transportation areas where the society has the most contact.

The second biggest factor that will allow the virus to reach people is things. Therefore, although we need to keep ourselves safe, the items do not have to play a carrier role.

Airports and Bus terminal are the most important transportation areas where risk can be carried, and the disinfection process of the items should be carried out professionally in these places.

Although public health is not a joke, it should be provided in a very organized and disciplined manner. The increase and decrease in the epidemic process varies from day to day, so we must make the right decisions during the epidemic process and condition ourselves with the right measures.

We said that virus transport can also be provided through goods, we would like to talk about a brand new device that will prevent this transportation in an extremely high quality and professional manner.

The Baggage Disinfection System safely transmits your belongings to the other side and destroys bad factors such as germs, bacteria, viruses on your belongings, thus ensuring the health safety of the other party.

We must prevent the spread of viruses, we must ensure the safety of our citizens coming from abroad and our citizens traveling domestically. The main purpose of this device is; to protect the health of the carrier and those around him and to take precautionary measures.

Taking precautions and being cautious is to slow down the rate of spread among people as long as this virus continues, since it was an intense process that we planned from the very beginning.

Luggage, Suitcase, Bag etc. Baggage Disinfection System, which is a professional R&D project aimed at preventing carrier products to pose a great risk to passengers or people, is an important disinfection system for public health.

The question of whether the virus is spread through objects comes to mind, isn't it? Well, why should we prepare such a ground? Yes, there is a percentage (%) risk of this.

But our aim is; It is to keep the society safe about the vehicles and to relieve them in terms of health with these measures because the risk is minimized as long as there are measures.

Baggage Disinfection System, which is a quality and professional project that prevents virus spread and transmission, is not an ordinary device but a smart disinfection station.

We wish you healthy days by saying zero virus circulation and zero risk.

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