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As a society, we take very cautious steps in terms of health during the pandemic process and we try to act very cautiously during this epidemic process.

The only solution to this virus spreading all over the world is to comply with precautions and rules. In these times when we need to be patient, we are developing brand new projects in order to overcome the fear of health in the work environment and the decrease in confidence in the closed areas.

We have added another one to our technology products that put an end to the concern of viruses in confined spaces and thanks to this product; Schools, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Restaurants, Hospitals and many other places will take an important step in hand disinfection.

You have noticed that you need to wash your hands while eating, but besides hand washing, you need a disinfection system that will reveal its virus-destroying feature.

In this way, you will be able to enjoy your meals in closed areas without any doubt with the performance feature that offers the contribution of hand washing to 99% of the users.

This super quality, which will become an indispensable device for closed areas, is not only a hand disinfection, its smart feature and reliable quality provide a long-term disinfection to the person.

Thanks to this product, children will have a lot of fun in their schools without the need to wash their hands constantly ... No, it's not over, and thanks to this smart disinfection system, children will easily disinfect their hands in the school environment and enjoy this hygiene effect all day long.

This disinfection system, which will be very useful for our doctors and healthcare personnel who are fighting for us, destroys viruses and bacteria in the pores of the hand and does not allow the virus to stay in our hands.

We are pleased to present you this practical product that every place and institution should have together with our company structure which is very assertive in terms of disinfection system.

We create the quality, with the HandClean hand disinfection system, we introduce a healthy and practical disinfection system to everyone, from big to small.

Would you like to know more about this product that kills the virus from the pores of the hand?

For detailed information, you can reach us from the contact addresses below.

We wish you healthy days.

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