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What is a Passport Disinfection Kiosk?

Recently, we have been establishing a very cautious and healthy life order regarding the virus.

In this order we have established, of course, our social life continues in a controlled manner and we try to keep our social life safe just like our daily life.

In this process, transportation has become very important for the society and also poses a great risk for the society. Dear readers, transportation is an important area for public health and this area should be made suitable for public health in terms of disinfection.

Especially in these risky and health-related periods when we cannot understand whether the people who are transporting are carrying carriers or viruses, we must keep the measures more stringent and follow the rules.

Transportation areas (Airports, Bus travel agencies, tour companies, etc.) cover areas that have a great risk against the spread of the virus from one area to another, play an important role in public health, provide the circulation and transportation of the virus and are important for human health.

As Ocalyps A.Ş, we are producing important projects for public health and we are pleased to introduce you a brand new health project that will minimize the risk of virus circulation and virus transmission in the control process with the Passport Disinfection System, which is our new project.

By bringing a modern perspective to the passport control system, both the control process is provided digitally and the controlling person and the passport holder do not contact each other.

As for the disinfection process; Passport disinfection system destroys all bacteria and viruses on the passport. During this process, it performs passport control in a healthy way thanks to its smart disinfection application.

With its ozone cleaning feature, it destroys all harmful factors on the passport surface and inside, while making the passport extremely safe and healthy for the person.

Passport becomes one of the most touched things during the journey. Why not make the control process between two people safer? Thanks to this modern and high quality device, a contactless control process will now be experienced.

With this virus-blocking disinfection product designed for all domestic and foreign passengers, we prevent the virus from circulating among people through passports, even if the possibility is low, and we take a modern step to make you feel safe during travel.

If you want to learn more about Passport Disinfection Kiosk, you can contact us at the following contact addresses.

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