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If we ask what are the most important environments where measures should be taken against the virus, of course, our answer will be closed areas and crowded places.

How safe and how unsafe it will create in airports and tour companies has become one of the most important questions in the minds of the society.

The disinfection cabinet detects individuals with fever in indoor environments and completely disinfects people with normal fever, eliminating the factors that may pose a risk in the society.

Disinfection cabinets are a safe disinfection system for the society, as well as being an important step taken for the vehicles and places most used by the society in recent times.

The main thing people need lately is trust, and unfortunately most organizations are disregarding health measures because of the profit-making phenomenon.

We would like to tell you about a very special technology marvel with our disciplined working attitude that always takes health precautions into consideration.

What is Disinfection Cabinet? : This system, which is a completely smart technology product, not only indicates the risk of people carrying viruses, but also ensures that healthy individuals become protective against the virus. It is a high-quality technology marvel that measures fever, warns the other party and indicates both a personal precaution tool and factors that will pose risks to public health with its smart automatic door feature.

The disinfection cabinet is a warning and protective, notifying people at risk and preventing them from exiting the rear door and returning from the front door.

Are we ready to take a brand new step into the future with this health device, which is especially needed by areas such as Shopping Centers, Schools, Factories, Mosques and Airports?

Although the disinfection cabinet is one of the most advanced devices that can protect us from viruses, especially in closed areas, it is not overlooked that it is protective and preventive.

The disinfection cabinet measures temperature and its thermometer feature gives information to the opposite side.

It is time to trust confined spaces and social areas because now we are taking preventive steps with the disinfection cabinet system and implement a disinfection system that protects public health.

Public health is not something to be taken lightly because we are a professional firm trying to take important steps for the society.

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