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Escalators continue to take place in our lives, making our daily life easier, taking us tirelessly to where we need to reach, saving us as much time as possible.

Although escalators provide convenience to our lives, they are of great importance for the society in terms of health and hygiene. Escalators, which are part of our daily life and especially a part of business life, are equally important to give confidence in terms of health.

So how does it concern the health of society? The answer is that escalators carry large numbers of people daily and become a home for germs touched by hands.

In these bad times, when the danger of virus raises, the most dangerous places are closed areas. Therefore, escalators carry a huge risk in terms of public health.

At this point, as Ocalyps A.Ş, we offer you an escalator cleaner that will be easy and practical to clean without the need for large machines, leaving aside the banality of manual escalator cleaning.

BandCleaner is a unique device that increases the hygiene rate in escalators to 99%, which shows its difference even with its appearance. Thanks to this device, you will be able to clean your escalators practically without having to carry huge machines with you.

Not finished, the BandCleaner escalator cleaning device, which does not show its difference only with its practical structure, disinfects all parts of the escalator that touches the hands, and undertakes a protective task for public health.

Escalators have a very important dimension in terms of health, as well as being the most used device in the society, but also carries the risk of virus.

Therefore, care should be taken to keep escalators hygienic and disinfected.

Although BandCleaner is not an ordinary cleaner, it is a very professional R&D project designed to clean escalators and destroy all viruses and bacteria that pose a threat to public health.

With our company structure that considers public health, we develop both practical and useful devices for public health and offer these devices for public health personally.

Thanks to this product, people will now be able to benefit from the escalators safely, so don't worry about it, because this escalator cleaner device does not pose any health and safety risks.

Community-friendly Bandcleaner now guards the escalators and cares for your health.

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