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There is no manufacturer company that does not know how professional equipment pool we have in mask production.

Therefore, our ultimate goal is that people receive information about health and medical products.

As Ocalyps A.Ş., we always attach importance to health as health is something that will never be underestimated and we show this importance in all our products.

In this category; we are happy to share with you, our valuable readers, both the information about the mask, the tricks about healthy life, and the little-known information about coronavirus in articles.

As we are a company that comes to the top in the mask machine production, we are also a very popular brand among the companies that sell mask machines, so we decided to open a special category for you about health.

Dear readers, what should we do to follow as much information as possible in the pandemic process experienced every hundred years and what we should do in this process? How should we protect from coronavirus and how is the coronavirus virus transmitted? We seek answers to health questions such as.

With us, we prepare various health articles and regular useful information series through information from professional experts, doctors, ministry of health, foreign professors, who (World Health Organization).

Our understanding of healthy information will be completely scientific and original texts that are proven and non-theory based on various bibliographies, approved by experts, approved by the ministry of health, have no words that will harm one's health, and are not fictional.

We would like to open a separate parenthesis for masks, our articles about masks will provide you with information about healthy and unhealthy masks, as well as information about the most suitable and most inappropriate types of masks to use.

To summarize briefly, our valuable readers, healthy information, useful information, questions that you can think of and cannot answer, scientific information about coronavirus, general cultural information that will be useful in daily life are waiting for you in this article environment.

Would you like to express your thoughts about our articles with useful information?

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