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What is BandCleaner?

It is a very important health step towards escalators. It is an escalator cleaning product, which has been available in our country for the last 6 months, and is very useful for the pandemic process.

BandCleaner is an escalator cleaner device.

For this reason, Bancleaner is a smart disinfection device that weakens the spreading power of viruses and bacteria on escalators and prevents contamination.

In which areas is it used?

BandCleaner is a device that can be used in all areas of escalators. Thanks to this feature, it has a function that prevents virus transmission in areas such as shopping malls and subways.

It is an important product that should be preferred in social areas and crowded environments because the more crowded, the more it means to touch the moving conveyor.

It is his basic rule to weaken the contact process and provide the necessary hygiene, so it is a very reliable choice for crowded areas.


What types of Escalators can BandCleaner be applied to?

BandCleaner is suitable for all, regardless of any escalator handgrip.

It does not cause a problem in terms of hand holding band, it does not separate categories or types, it is applicable to all.


How is BandCleaner different from manual cleaning?

No matter how clean the manual cleaning process is, it loses its effect or cannot be cleaned completely. Therefore, this important social area should be cleaned with high quality and discipline and be healthy in terms of hygiene.

In order not to endanger the public health, we call it BandCleaner because this device is not an ordinary cleaning tool, but also an excellent disinfection tool that gives 100% of the way to eliminate viruses.

BandCleaner destroys all the bacteria and viruses it comes into contact with, as manual operations do not clean enough and are not effective enough.


Why should I choose BandCleaner?

First of all, BandCleaner should not be promoted as an ordinary cleaning product or disinfectant product. The reason for this is to reduce the rate of contamination of this device in Escalators, which is the most preferred by the society, rather than cleaning, and to bring trust to the society.

In this period when public health is important and the epidemic is common, it is very important to take measures.

It is also a very important step to destroy millions of bacteria and even viruses that cannot be seen by Escalator Users before they reach the other side.

With this health step you take, you will be both institutionally appreciated and you will take an important step to protect public health.

This device that reduces contamination, keeps us fresh and gives us confidence !!! that's why we call it BandCleaner.


Is BandCleaner an electrically expensive product?

No, it is a good idea to say that it costs nothing in terms of energy because you may not believe what you hear.

Did you know that this smart escalator cleaning device can generate its own electrical energy?

Yes, you heard it right, this product can generate its own electrical energy, thanks to this product, which is a great R&D project, we do not worry about the electricity cost.

What will the BandCleaner Escalator Cleaning Device gain for us?

1- Social peace and sense of trust

2- To prevent virus and bacteria transmission

3- Public Health measures *

4- Easy and healthy workforce

5- Customer satisfaction

6- A sense of dignity and happiness

7- Taking a big step in terms of health

8- The right choice for you in terms of cost

9- A nice impression for your business

10- A quality device that consumes less electricity

Most importantly, there will be a smile of trust and sincerity that you can see on people's faces because we will take a good step for public health thanks to this product.

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